Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Camila Alves

Engaged to marry Camilla Alves Matthew McConaughey and announced that at the end of this week. But as women around the world to curse the name of the theft is often designated "Lincoln Lawyer" star, they might also be required to WHO, exactly, is Camilla Alves?

Brazilian 27-year, Alves is a model, actress and TV host. Bravo TV fans know Elvis as the host of season three of the genius of storytelling, reality show hair design, while the viewers usually know it from QVC hawking her line of her handbag. However, do not confuse her with Camila Alves, the Brazilian, who can be found in 2010, "and close" and a film of this year's MMA "choking."

As her life with McConaughey, she is the mother of his two children, Levi, (3) and Veda, approximately 2. It was dated in the past four years.

Has made many appearances Alves late at night, as well. Check out some of the most prominent appearance below. Oh, and see what she'll be enjoying it til death does not part of it.

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