Friday, 31 January 2014

Jeans for Boys

Share your “go-to” style for the holidays. So Slimming Jeans, a cozy sweater and loads of bling? Or head-to-toe Zenergy? What's the perfect match for your ...

Hair Color - Hair Dye & Haircolor Shades

Confused about hair color? Cosmo tells you all you need to know about getting your best-tressed look! Colour lovers, listen up! If you're enhancing your hue for the winter months or switching your shade for a style overhaul, let our celeb colour palette tickle your

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Latest Abaya Design

  Now this year they have launched muslim abaya designs with latest fashion trend. these ... Hope you will like these latest readymade designer black abayas.
  Latest Arab Abaya Design. Designer Arab Abaya. Contrasted Arab Abaya. Black Arab Abaya. Applique Work abaya. Silk made abaya. Fashion

9 Skin Care Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Skin Care regimens can quickly get complicated and confusing when using multiple products. Be sure you are not making one of these five common mistakes that can make you look old before your time.

1.) Forgetting about Your Neck

Most people think of the face when you mention anti-aging products, but neglecting your neck is a

Islamic Hijab Fashion

Women's Islamic Clothing section includes various types of Islamic attire and attire worn by Muslim women that include traditional as well as modern Islamic ...

Natural Bodybuilder

 Natural bodybuilding is a bodybuilding movement with various competitions that take place for bodybuilders who abstain from performance-enhancing drugs.

China Fashion Trend

Chinese clothing is clothing, ancient and modern, which the Chinese people wore. Chinese clothing has varied by region and time, and is recorded by the artifacts and arts of Chinese culture.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Eastern Western Latest Fashion Trend

 Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses or to prevailing styles in behaviour. Fashion also refers to the newest creations of textile designers.

Images For Dog Riding

Michael Grimm breaking News


2: Michael Grimm: former FBI agent and marine with history of fiery behaviour

Michael Grimm was not among the four Republicans asked to respond to the State of the Union address last night, but he might as well have been. Not one to cede the spotlight casually, the representative from Staten Island eclipsed the dull speeches of his colleagues with a vintage, action-packed Michael Grimm performance.

WATCH: Fox’s First Trailer for ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

'The Fault in Our Stars' trailer: A deep dive

The story focuses on two teenagers with cancer who fall in love after meeting at a cancer support group.The pic bows on June 6 and while it doesn’t have the components of a normal popcorn summer pic, it should play as good counter-programing. Film will also benefit from Woodley’s momentum following her starring role in another popular YA novel, “Divergent.”

'The Fault in Our Stars' trailer: A deep dive;Pic also stars Ansel Elgort with Josh Boone directing.

Santa Claus Cat

 Scientists in the United States and Scotland say they have greatly improved a method of making direct measurements of quantum states without permanently altering them.

Physicists scoop information from Schrödinger's cat 

Celebrity Big Brother Final: Joey Essex Come Forward For Sam Faiers Support Snub

Celebrity Big Brother Final: Joey Essex Blasted For Sam Faiers Support Snub;
She supported him when he was competing on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, so it's odd that Joey Essex hasn't returned the favour for Sam Faiers' current stint on Celebrity Big Brother.
The popular Channel 5 show has been branded the best in the show's 13-year history, but the former TOWIE hunk clearly hasn't been tuning in to watch his ex-fiancee.

Sam Faiers has confirmed that she and Ollie Locke have some Future plan ;Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

Sam Faiers has confirmed that she and Ollie Locke may have a future together post-Celebrity Big Brother 2014.
Sam became the eighth housemate to be evicted this evening and Emma Willis was keen to get to the bottom of her relationship with the former Made In Chelsea star in the eviction interview.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Amazing Snakes In indian Circus

: Snakes reveals the secrets, surprises, and strangeness of two-headed snakes and other amazing reptiles.
The Reptiles continues with a look at the reptiles that humans may fear most: Snakes. But the film does not portray snakes as evil creatures. Rather, it takes us into their secret and very strange world to try to understand them better.

America Is Better ThanChina;Barack Obama's State of the Union address

Last year, I also pledged to connect 99 per cent of our students to high-speed broadband over the next four years. Tonight, I can announce that with the support of the FCC and companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sprint, and Verizon, we've got a down payment to start connecting more than 15,000 schools and twenty million students over the next two years, without adding a dime to the deficit.

Barack Obama's State of the Union address 2014

MR Speaker, Mr Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans:

Today in America, a teacher spent extra time with a student who needed it, and did her part to lift America's graduation rate to its highest level in more than three decades.

An entrepreneur flipped on the lights in her tech start-up, and did her part to add to the more than eight million new jobs our businesses have created over the past four years.

Now War Is Ending;Barack Obama'in state of union speech

Barack Obama urges 'year of action' in state of union speech,
President Barack Obama is vowing to bypass a divided Congress and take action on his own to bolster America's middle class in a state of the union speech he used to try to breathe new life into his second term after a troubled year.
Standing in the House of Representatives chamber before legislators, Supreme Court justices and VIP guests, Obama declared his independence from Congress by issuing a raft of executive orders

Monday, 27 January 2014

Real Housewives of Atlanta' husband charged in federal fraud case

- The drama is real for "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Phaedra Parks, whose husband faces charges in a fraud scheme that a federal agent says stole millions of dollars.
Apollo Nida, who appears on the reality TV series with Parks, was arrested last week following a year-long investigation by the U.S. Secret Service, according to the criminal complaint.

China banking In trouble

Investors should set aside worries about China's ongoing credit troubles and put more money into into the fast developing economy, veteran investor Wilbur Ross told  on Monday.China banking worries 'way overblown': Wilbur Ross;
"China is getting very close to the point where one should be making more commitments to it," Ross said on "Squawk Box." "I think it's true that they're slowing down, but by global standards they're doing very, very well."

New river dolphin Discovered in Brazil

New river dolphin species discovered in Brazil...Scientists hope rare finding will provide impetus for conservation of endangered species; new species has estimated population of 1,000 in 1,630 miles of rive.A new river dolphin species has been discovered in Brazil—the first such discovery in nearly 100 years.Scientists made the rare finding in the waters of the Araguaia River Basin and officially made its

Madonna goes straight back to fitness

Don't tell me to stop! Madonna goes straight back to fitness regime with post-Grammys workout alongside two gal pals

Madonna may have had a smash performance on Sunday's Grammy Awards broadcast, but that doesn't mean she's going to rest on her laurels.

Rita Ora Says Fifty Shades Of Grey Will Give Fans An "Amazing Shock!"

After finishing principal photography for her role in Fifty Shades Of Grey, Rita Ora is ready to throw down the gauntlet right now. The How We Do singer says the film adaptation is "gonna be the biggest and most amazing shock ever" to fans of the book! We hope that means fans will be pleasantly surprised! The last thing we need is 90 million women's O faces turning into "oh hell no"

Ariana Grande Uncomfortable on Grammys Red Carpet

Ariana Grande upset and very uncomfortable  on Grammys Red Carpet,Ariana Grande was almost bullied off the Grammys red carpet., Practically in Tears
The songbird had a bit a of a "freak out" when she arrived at the Staples Center yesterday afternoon, sources exclusively tell me.Grande, 20, was seen practically in tears as her handlers buzzed around trying to get the situation under control.So what happened?Ariana Grande breaks down in tears

You Can Lose 13 Kilograms of Stomach Fat in Just 5 Weeks

(Women's Health) - For the past couple of months our readers have been going crazy over two risk-free internet products that are helping women across the world lose the fat around their belly. They have been featured on many popular TV shows.
Celebrities like Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman, have all lost a significant amount of body fat with just this one diet.

The Best Animal Photobomb

“While they were posing for the cameras one of the other handlers got an elephant called Makavhuzi to go up behind them,” Soderland explained, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.
“Eventually they noticed his presence and turned around and reacted with laughs, surprised looks and smiles,” said Soderland, who could not be reached today by

Hillary Clinton Says She Hasn’t Driven a Car Since 1996

The last time Hillary Clinton got behind the wheel, her husband was still president and “Macarena” was on the top of the charts.
“Last time I actually drove a car myself was 1996,” Clinton said during a speech today at the National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in New Orleans.

Why Norovirus Is So Nasty

Why Norovirus Is So Nasty and Terrifying to Travelers,A nasty sickness has struck again aboard a cruise ship, sending more than 600 passengers and crew on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas to their sick beds with vomiting and diarrhea.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not yet identified the mystery illness as the ubiquitous norovirus -- the most common form of gastroenteritis in the U.S., according to the CDC --

Sunday, 26 January 2014

11 Trends That Always In Fashion

11 Trends That Never Go Out of Style,
Trends are ever changing. New replaces the old. Trends come and trends go but there are some trends that people never get tired off. These trends are timeless and fashion staple that look great on anyone. You can follow such enduring trends again and again because they never go out of style.
Red lips:

Red lipstick is a hot trend right now.

Top Pakistani Fashion Model

he Hot and sizzling,  started her career as a Pakistani model and today she has reached to Bollywood Film Industry with her hard work, determination and sensational looks.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Top 10 Funny Animales Pic



Beautiful Cat Pictures 2014

Top 10 Tigers Images And 10 Fascinating Facts

 Beautiful, deadly and endangered. The tiger is all of these. Below you will find 10 fascinating facts and 10 incredible photographs of this magnificent animal.
The tiger is the largest of the four “big cats” (lions, jaguars, leopard and tigers) and is an apex predator, meaning it resides at the top of their food chain with no predators of their own.

Dark Black Elephant Collection

Justin Bieber's In Trouble

Justin Bieber's Trial's of trouble.What is up with Justin? he had a Rough 2013 and 2014 doesn't seems to be getting any better there are articles  swimming every where on the web about his recent arrest in South Beach. Justin  went from an egg throwing incident at a neighbors house, to a sex scandal,

Quite Girls PIC

Pretty Cute Girls Profile Pictures for facebook timeline, tumblr and google plus. Make your facebook and tumblr profile awesome with these Pretty Cute Girls Profile Pictures. There is collection of tumblr Pretty Cute Girls Profile Pictures

Sweet Kids Dresses and Clothing

With their wide array of beautiful colors, fabrics and designs Sweet Kids girls clothing is the way to go! She'll be ready for any special event in stylish Sweet Kids flower girl dresses, Easter dresses, Christmas dresses and special occasion dresses. Find our adorable Sweet Kids dresses at

Elizabeth Vargas’ An Alcoholic?

Elizabeth Vargas’ Shocking Confession: ‘I Am An Alcoholic’ It’s been more than two months since,   Elizabeth Vargas checked herself into rehab for alcohol addiction, and the brave ’20/20′ anchor opened up about her struggle during an emotional ‘Good Morning America’ interview on Jan. 24. ‘I am an alcoholic,’ she confessed to ‘GMA’ co-anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Latest News for Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Getting Her Own Wonder Woman Movie? — The Truth Revealed,Score one for the ladies! After years of female heroes playing second-fiddle to the Avengers and Batmans of the world, it looks like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman may finally be flying solo.
Gal Gadot has officially signed a three picture deal to play Princess Diana of Themyscira — or, as she’s widely know, Wonder Woman. Find out the details of this amazing deal — including whether or not it will include a standalone Wonder Woman film — below!

Justin Bieber in the Jail

Celebrities have voiced both criticism and support for Justin Bieber after the singer's arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

The star was blasted by actor Seth Rogen, but received encouragement from fellow superstar Lady Gaga - who called on her army of fans to offer their backing.

Mavericks Invitational: South African Grant Baker takes Top Position

 PRINCETON-BY-THE-SEA -- Grant Baker of South Africa didn't sound like the courageous champion he was Friday after taming treacherous waves at the Body Glove Mavericks Invitational.Mavericks Invitational: South African Grant Baker takes top prize

"Every single time you wanted to pull out," he said of riding the raw, roiling surf that smacked the Northern California coast off Half Moon Bay this week.

Friday, 24 January 2014

7 Tips For Healthy Skin

Good skin care — including sun protection and gentle cleansing — can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come.Don't have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five no-nonsense tips.

1. Protect yourself from the sun

One of the most important ways to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Higher Risk of Death From Heart Attack almost 2,000 more deaths a year

 Higher Risk of Death From Heart Attack Linked to Hospital Hours.
When it comes to a heart attack, the difference between life and death may hinge on timing, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Researchers found a 5 percent higher chance of death — almost 2,000 more deaths a year — within 30 days of the heart attack if a person arrived at the hospital at night or on the weekend.

Renee Fleming Rejected as National Anthem Singer from Will Super Bowl Fan?

Will Super Bowl Fans Reject Renee Fleming as National Anthem Singer?When the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks’ players line the field before the start of next Sunday’s Super Bowl, it will be for an unlikely reason: to listen to an opera singer.
Soprano Renee Fleming has been tapped to sing the national anthem before the start of the Feb. 2 game at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. The four-time Grammy winner will be the first opera star to sing the national anthem at the Super