Saturday, 25 January 2014

Justin Bieber's In Trouble

Justin Bieber's Trial's of trouble.What is up with Justin? he had a Rough 2013 and 2014 doesn't seems to be getting any better there are articles  swimming every where on the web about his recent arrest in South Beach. Justin  went from an egg throwing incident at a neighbors house, to a sex scandal,

 and his arrest in South Beach Any thought does anyone care to respond on Justin's Troubled Timeline? Is it Trouble or is it attention? hmmm who dare to say? I would like to have a career like Justin but minus the trouble.  I guess my mom is keeping me in  Church every Sunday to keep me grounded and  Humble. One thing I have to admit his music is  the Truth!!! Still love Ya Justin. keep the trouble  on the low. Waaaay! low.

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