Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Yahoo Top Of The List After beat Google, Facebook, Twitter for desktop Web traffic in December

Yahoo  Google, Facebook, Twitter for desktop Web traffic in December,
How’s this for a surprise? According to comScore, which tracks Internet traffic data, Yahoo’s sites got the most unique visitors for the month of December. Though it’s worth noting that these numbers only apply to desktop-based, non-mobile visitors, the numbers tracked and reported by comScore are quite impressive nonetheless.
During December 2013, Yahoo and its sites

welcomed roughly 195,160,000 unique visitors to its pages. Not only did they seize that month’s top slot with that mark, they also edged out the titan of titans, Google, which received 192,315,000 unique visitors in December. Microsoft’s sites occupy third place, saying “Hey!” to approximately 175,287,000 unique visitors during the final month of 2013. Twitter, on the other hand, barely made it into the top 25, with 39,710,000 unique visitors coming to the site from a desktop.

Despite all the talk of teens and youngsters leaving Facebook in droves, the massive social network was still able to attract 140,766,000 uniques during the holiday-heavy month. However, we can’t help but wonder whether that number got a boost from all the holiday photo sharing that likely occurred on Facebook, along with the untold numbers of people who logged on during the  month just to wish friends and family well during such celebrated holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Festivus. And let us not forget the run-up to New Years as well. Rounding out the top five is AOL, which pulled in roughly 120,093,000 unique visitors in December.

In its efforts to re-brand itself as a must-visit Web destination, Yahoo has made a slew of acquisitions, as well as aligning itself with very recognizable faces. For instance, Yahoo brought newswoman and talk show host Katie Couric aboard, assuming the title of “global anchor.”
It’ll be interesting to see whether Yahoo can maintain its hold on this top spot as we head deeper into 2014.

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