Monday, 24 September 2012

Katrina throws a fit when asked to pose 'Seductively'

The actress apparently came down heavily on an ad film director after he requested her to pose 'seductively' during a soap ad shoot

The cat's out of the bag! We heard that at a recent soap ad shoot, Katrina Kaif threw a fit after being asked by the director to play 'seductress' while the actress posed inside a bath tub.

Kat is the brand ambassador of the soap company and was shooting for a new commercial. Our source says, `Since it was a soap ad, Katrina was required to shoot for her scenes inside a bath tub.

Despite giving several shots, the director didn't think Kat was emoting the right 'seductive' expressions. He requested her to try once more.`

All hell broke lose after that with the actress even apparently issuing a warning to the director to not `push the envelope`. The source adds, `Kat was cordial with everyone on the sets. However, after the director made his request, Kat lost it.`

Post this, the crew decided to stay mum on the issue and proceeded to wrap up the shoot at the earliest.


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