Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Twitter kills Yo Yo Honey Singh , Yo Yo Honey Singh dead, claim fake reports

Is popular Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh dead or alive? This is one of the most talked about things on social media today. With news of his death doing the rounds and pictures of the singer lying dead on a hospital bed circulating on social networking sites, there are rumours that he is dead.

But honey singh will die soon, because he is the member of illuminati( THE SATANIC RELIGION) ,honey singh has sold his soul to illuminati, there are people who worshiped the demon is already dead. for example: 2pac, micheal jackson. there are many celebrities who are member of illuminati like rihanna , jay z, beyonce and many more, if any of member try to expose the illuminati to public is no more alive,. illuminati controls goverments, financial organizations, film industries and many more.

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