Sunday, 11 January 2015

Student At Risk in Pakistan

Today is a alarming situation in Pakistan .No body know what's going on .Taliban is fully active in Pakistan Due to last achivement in Pashawar Army School Taliban is very hopefull .But there is a very interesting Point Students are also very Hopefull and they have no fear about Taliban or Bomb Blasting or other tairarest action.But the Parents of Students are very upset due to this alarming situation .K

They want Peacful Pakistan .But the other hand Government of Pakistan is non serious in this matter .He is a normal situation according to a Government view .But it is a p situation not for only Pakistan even for all over the world .Taliban always want a warming situation in Pakiatan Because Pakistan have a friend in the shape of United State Of America .Taliban want to destroy United State Of America And United State Of America Want To destroy Taliban .But Pakistan Nation just want peace in the Country .

But in this circumstances Pakistan is a far away from the peace .He can not save her student at this time .There is not a proper scurity plain about School ,colleges and university. They have just Private guard which have no proper training for fighting with tererest action .

Even they does not know how to fire on other .
These are few points about security laks .we must do somting about the security of Students and United State Of America can play a main Role in this Situation .He must do somthing for the peace in Pakisdtan . 

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