Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pak Manistar Bashir Blor Killed in Sucide Attack

Bashir Ahmad Bilour killed in suicide attack
Attack on ANP rally, including Bashir Bilour 8 killed, 18 injured
Peshawar (Monitoring Desk) story offered in the market ANP rally suicide blast ANP rhnmaĜĦbsyr bluraur his secretary
and police capable of SHO Sattar Khan and 8 afradjan killed and 18 people were injured hynjmhynlydy Reading Hospital move been. Bashir Bilour was shot in the chest and died at the hospital tqur ANP local leader of the party gathering was held at the end badjb Bashir Bilour were out there on their own the suicide attack. blast destroyed a car and bicycle dumutr nearby buildings were shattered glasses. Amida location to Lady Reading hospital in Peshawar teams are raunh has been nafzkr emergency. spread fear among the people
Bashir Ahmad Bilour will be killed in suicide blasts. Brother confirmed. Bashir Ahmed Bilour of the ANP in 1970 were included. Had said a day earlier that he would be fighting the war on terror.

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