Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Purpose and Function of Law

Roscoe Pound says that there are four purposes of law.The first purpose of law is to maintain law and order.
within a given society and that has to be done at any cost.The second purpose of law is to maintain the states quo in society.The third purpose is to enable individuals to have hte maximum of freedom to assert themselves.

The  fourth purpose of law is the maximaum satisfaction of teh needs of teh people .
According to Justice Holmes ,"The object of law is not the punishment of
sins but to prevent certain external results."

According to Kant ."
"The aim of law is freedom and the fundamental process of law is the adjustment of one's freedom to that of every other member of the community

.According to Salmond,the object of law is justice,

In conclusion ,it can be said that teh function of law
is to achieve stability and peaceful change in society."

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