Wednesday, 17 December 2014

John Abraham turns 42 — 5 things to learn from the actor

john Abraham, the actor famous for his roles in films Dhoom and Desi Boyz, turns 42 today. Abraham has been known for his hot body and has gained acclaim for his acting skills too with films like No Smoking and Madras Cafe. There is a lot that we can learn from the super-fit, super-sexy actor and here are five of the many things.

1. Make a healthy body and mind
Few people on this planet can boast of having a body as ripped and muscular as John Abraham. His trainer Vinod Channa remembers, “We had 7 months to get him in shape for Force. People were shocked by how well his body was transformed since it is very difficult to put on that much muscle. After that, I trained him for Shootout at Wadala and Race 2.  John’s body reaction was also very good. Some people told him, that even though we are lifting more weights than you, you are getting bigger muscle than us.”
On his website, the actor says, “It’s nice to look good, but you should strive for a healthy mind too. Try to live a clean and responsible life. Be honest with yourself and the people around you. Be considerate and respectful and conduct yourself with dignity.”
2. Overcome problems that seem huge
John Abraham has fought several difficulties in his life, much like every person who has reached success. Among the difficult ones was his crooked nose, which is due to a deviated nasal septum, which means a closed nose.
“I have got something called DNS… Deviated Nasal Septum. So I have got a practically closed nose and I breathe with my mouth. That’s why I’m always breathing heavily. But yes, my brother carried me on his shoulders and dropped me on my nose.” Abraham said in an interview published on
3. Give up smoking
Despite the fact that No Smoking bombed at the box office, it garnered a set of fans and will be remembered as one of the bravest films made in Indian cinema.
“John smokes cigarettes in only the first 20 minutes of No Smoking. He’d smoke almost five packs a day [fifty cigarettes a day] and as he’s not used to smoking, it really gave him a tough time. After the last smoking scene, John swore to us he wouldn’t touch a cigarette after that. Since he’s very health conscious and had to play a footballer in his next film Goal, he had to clean himself up and start preparing for the role. He didn’t have time left to build his stamina so he started exercising and working out two hours a day for three months till his lungs cleared up completely,” Anurag Kashyap, director of No Smoking told Mid-Day.
4. Be charitable
John Abraham believes in giving back  to the society that has made him so popular. Recently, he expressed his desire to build a treatment centre for underprivileged kids suffering from cancer. He has also been associated with PETA and several other charities and causes.
5. Don’t be afraid to take risks
A decision that paid him rich dividends, Abraham’s decision to produce Vicky Donor was seen as risky by many. However, he stuck with his gut and produced the Ayushmann Khurrana starrer. The movie popularised sperm donation and removed the stigma attached with it.
Image source: John Abraham’s Instagram account

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