Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Seductress! Mahesh Bhatt's new find Sapna Pabb

Mahesh Bhatt is always known to find stars. And this time he is unveiling an enigmatic and charming girl named Sapna Pabbi in 'Khamoshiyan'. Sapna plays the role of Meera in the film - a mysterious, scheming, cunning seductress who has a lot of hidden secrets and agendas. In the trailer, Sapna will be seen as an eccentric woman who is not to be trusted.

Mahesh Bhatt says, "You are what you try to hide and Sapna is exactly that in the film.
She is absolutely stunning to look at and is a powerful performer. She is so convincing in the film that you would wonder how can this pretty girl be so mysterious and have so many secrets within her. I'm thriller to see how audiences receive her. I believe in her and I am certain that the industry and audiences would love the work that she has done in Khamoshiyan."

The film releases in theatres on 30th January 2015

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