Sunday, 28 October 2012

Britney Spears talks sons getting into showbiz

 Britney Spears has definitely not had the smoothest road when it comes to her career in the entertainment business, but that doesn’t mean she is against her sons going into the same career.

Spears opened up to ‘Lucky’ magazine to talk about her sons potentially wanting to have a similar career, states RadarOnline. “If there was something they really wanted to do and were passionate about, I’d encourage them to follow their dreams. But, I’d also be there behind the curtain saying, ‘No, don’t go out there,’” Spears commented.

However, it might still be some time before they take that step as they are still figuring out what she does for work: “They’re like, ‘Mommy’s going off to be a superhero,’ and then I get back, and they just see me as Mommy. And then when I’m back working on the show, they say, ‘Oh, Mommy’s a superhero again!’”

Do you think her children will go into the same career?

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  1. awww, thats cute! 'mummys a superhero'

    Do her children have talent? not being rude but can they actually sing or perform? I hope that britney dosent let her children go into pagents and things like that at such a young age like she did. She should wait until theyre older and know what they want to do.