Monday, 15 October 2012


Add oomph to your eyes

You’re going out and you need to glam! What to do?

"Just focus on your eyes," says celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern. "You can change your look, add drama, or go from day to night in about 60 seconds." Here, the freshest ways to score attention-grabbing eyes in no time.

Say good-bye to a bad reputation

By Jennifer Goldstein
From Health magazine Sometime in the history of cosmetics, bright makeup got a reputation for looking tawdry. Perhaps it’s because the formulas used to be chalky or because some women embraced the trend too enthusiastically. (We’re looking at you, daytime soap stars!) Either way, brights don’t deserve the bad rap. Today’s bold lipsticks, shadows, and blushes have sheer formulas that are incredibly wearable—and flattering, too. 

“Adding a pop of color to your face gets that 'Did you do something different?' reaction from people,” Los Angeles makeup artist Brett Freedman says. “You’ll seem well-rested, fresher, brighter.” To appear alluring (not over-the-top), limit brights to one feature at a time. Read on for the best ways to pull off this look.

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