Monday, 15 October 2012

Daniel Craig tells SRK to wait for Bond role

The British actor is not keen on giving up the spy avatar anytime soon after Shah Rukh Khan expresses interest in portraying James Bond

Shah Rukh Khan recently mentioned on his microblogging site that he always wanted to portray James Bond.

However, Daniel Craig who is currently playing the debonair secret agent in the 007 franchise feels the Indian superstar won't have it easy with him in the quintessential black tuxedo holding a gun!

Daniel adds that his style of acting might differ but the only thing that matters is that the audiences are entertained. And on being asked whether he's aware of SRK, Daniel says, `Yes! With some trepidation...` before quipping, `Well, the job is taken. Good luck to Shah Rukh Khan!`

The 44-year-old actor who became the first blond to essay the spy agent in a movie is all set to appear in Skyfall, his third film as James Bond. He also confirmed that he has signed up for two more Bond films.

Indian touch
Daniel who could have been to India for the shooting of a train sequence in his upcoming film which was eventually shot in Turkey has visited the country before. 

`I've been to Kerala and briefly to Goa as well. Besides, having growing up in the United Kingdom where Indian culture has had a huge impact over the past 30-40 years, I'm well aware of what it's all about. So naturally, I kind of have a yearning to spend more time there, ` says the actor who confesses about being `million miles away` from James Bond in real life.

Dye another day!
Thanks to his overwhelmingly blonde hair, the blue-eyed actor has often been chided by fans for dyeing his hair several shades darker. Interestingly, Spanish actor Javier Bardem who is playing the villain had to bleach his mop golden for his role.

Nonetheless, Daniel claims he doesn't colour his hair. `I don't touch it. What you see is what you get! But Javier did the blond wig and I thought it looked rather fetching. At least it stayed on!` laughs Daniel. 

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