Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pakistan, factory fire brought under control in Karachi

No loss of life has been reported in the incident.
KARACHI: A fierce fire, broke out in a chemical factory in Karachi, has been brought under control after 30 hours, Geo News reported.

A massive fire broke out at private chemical factory in Gul Bai on Saturday at around 12:30 AM. The fire also engulfed two adjacent buildings.

Fire tenders from across the city were called in to douse the blaze. More than 15 fire tenders, two snorkels and two fire bowsers were involved in extinguishing the inferno for more than 3 hours but the fierce fire continued to engulf the entire fire-storey building.

Later, the rescue operations were halted as the dilapidated factory building could collapse at any time.

Fire department officials said it was difficult to extinguish the fire because of the chemicals and plastic materials present inside the factory.

Teams of Pakistan Air Force and Karachi Port also took part in the rescue operation.

Fire-fighting officials declared the fire as a third degree inferno.

No loss of life has been reported in the incident.

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