Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dances, singing President Obama

According to a report on U.S. President Barack Obama in Los Angeles street bike runs were surprised to see President Barack Obama at the street dance and sang. Was thus surprising that President Obama White House to arrive at the gate by security clearance is required where the street dance and singing show. U.S. superpower as well forget after becoming president,
smiling smiling man "insane" is, it Day or night you are. still will not have enough time so that he never took the White House to look into all the rooms. ever official holiday, the staff at mobile phone, laptop or device to which theHe becomes breaking news. their own can not drink coffee at a place that security requirements are too. wearing the same suit are state employees get. these "helpless" comes a story about theA great "slavish" the desire to be president for life again angrayyan take heart. Election win is all the public wants to. Would still honor a U.S. president and the patient mtanis. fraud would not eat that which is not miserable!

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