Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Healthy Recipe Makeovers

Healthy comfort food
They don’t call it comfort food for nothing. Whether it’s savory meatloaf, a sweet pudding, or warm apple pie, this type of food triggers feelings of cozy goodness that can’t be matched by more sophisticated dishes.

But there’s one teensy problem. Typically loaded with fat and calories, comfort food can become a once-in-a-while treat rather than a staple.

But we can help. We took a look at some of our favorite dishes, from waffles to whoopie pies, and gave them a healthy makeover. Finally, cozy without the extra calories!

Turkey Meatloaf
Meatloaf is the ultimate cold-weather comfort food, and this is one of the best we’ve ever tasted. Swapping ground turkey for beef slashes saturated fat in half, while still keeping it moist and meaty. Each slice is a skinny 208 calories, and the leftovers make great sandwiches.

Whole-Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
These incredibly hearty and healthy pancakes are in a class by themselves. They’re loaded with whole grains, moistened with protein-rich soy milk, and topped with antioxidant-rich blueberries, one of our favorite Superfruits. 

Penne Rigate Arrabiata
If you’ve been avoiding pasta because it’s too starchy, try this recipe. Hearty whole-wheat pasta, tomato, and crushed red pepper give this dish a hefty dose of fiber and flavor with little saturated fat. Tomatoes are great for your skin and may help prevent several types of cancer.

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