Sunday, 28 October 2012

UK Model inner beauty or outer beauty

It is usual to identify with false praise.But this seems to offer a poor definition of flattery ,for ,false commendation is easily detectable and, therefore incapable of achieving the result while flattery is that praise which is too fine and artistic to fail in its effort. Flattery may, therefore , be defined as the art of praising which aims at magnifying the virtues to the exclusion of  vices.
But then the person flattered must have some qualities , in fact or in this fancy , which can be praised and amplified.

Thus one who made a fairly good speech can be flattered by saying that he presented an excellent piece of oratory .But one who was laughed down by the audience cannot be said to have delivered  a good speech  at all. If any attempt is made to say that he did so ,he will be ridiculed and the effect of the art, at once , is lost.

Flattery being an  art of commendation, requires for its proper understanding to be compared with a kindered art, appreciation.Both emanate from the same motive of pleasing the other's self esteem. But the former is largely vitiated by the tinge of falsehood and often aims at the realization of sound self interest but the latter is based on truth and is without any motive.

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