Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cage bird and bat

A Mockingbird, or locked in a cage hanging outside a window, used knows spill their trills night, when other birds were asleep.
One of the nights, the lilac in the income and yes, we know after caught claws bars of the cage to ask her why she was so quiet during the day is only revealed his songs after dark.

"We have a very good reason for doing so," replied the bird. "It was while they sing alone or when the sun was high in the sky, fowler was enchanted to give my voice is so threw nets landmines plague leg caught. Starting that day I never played with than at night. '

Bat he warned: "There is no point to keep your habit now, when you're locked. Whether to do this before to to be caught, may still be free."

Moral: Prudence gonna use after it gave trouble to plague you.

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