Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Eye Makeup Trend: Red Eyeshadow

The New York Fashion Week has outlined the new trend of the Fall 2013 season, and one should have a closer look at it. This is mascara-free, or nude lashes.

The idea was supported by the makeup artists at Altuzarra, Thakoon, Theyskens’ Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and DKNY shows.

Nars makeup artist Diane Kendal, who worked at the Thakoon show, admits that she has been practising mascara-free for a long time. She believes that a face without mascara looks more modern. According to Diane Kendal, if you use eyeliner, you should apply it very close to the lash line, and it will be enough to emphasize the eyelashes. The eyeliner enhances the lashes at their base.

For the DKNY show, Maybelline makeup artist Charlotte Willer suggested the models using one layer of transparent mascara. She explained her decision to give up black mascara, saying this would make the face look cleaner, and the models would not look like dolls.

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, Altuzarra, and Theyskens’ Theory shows, lack of mascara was predetermined by the fact that the makeup artists had to accentuate the lips or provide pure colors on the eyelids.

Diane Kendal draws a conclusion that many girls have a stereotype about mascara and just cannot leave the house without it. But the standards are changing now.

What do you think about the idea to give up mascara? Will you try it?

Eye redness
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Eye redness is due to swollen or dilated blood vessels, which cause the surface of the eye to look red, or bloodshot.

There are many possible causes of a red eye or eyes. Some are cause for concern; some are medical emergencies.  Others are nothing to worry about.

How red the eye appears is often less of a concern than whether you also have eye pain or difficulty seeing.

Bloodshot eyes appear red because the vessels in the surface of the white portion of the eye (sclera) become swollen. This may result from dry air, too much sun, dust, something in the eye, allergies, infection, or injury.

One common cause of a red eye is straining or coughing. This can lead to a bright red, dense bloody area on the white part of the eye. This is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Although this bloody area may appear alarming, it is a fairly common occurrence and of little significance. If you notice a bloody spot in one eye that doesn't hurt, but just looks bad, don't worry. It should clear up on its own within a week or two.

Eye infections or inflammation can occur, causinge redness as well as possible itching, discharge, pain, or vision problems:

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