Monday, 18 February 2013

Side Affectes Of Fashion

   Fashions have their disadvantages.The students spend a lot of money on clothes and other things in life for the sake of variety.The girl student are more crazy than the boys .They do not want to miss anything new which can add  to their beauty and charm .
There excessive craze for stylish things in life cannot be appreciated by any sensible person.It is the wastage of money and time.Moreover,the student do not concentrate on their desirable.

In the modern age,there are many things which contribute to their love for seeking fashions.The cinema and the an important part in making them fashionable.The T.V.stars impress them greatly .The film stars have an attraction for them for their original way of dressing .

The T.V.advertisements too contribute a lot  in this respect.The picture magazines are fully devoted to cultivate a great sense for fashions.The modern industrialist is friend of the fashionable people .

He goes on making things of new designs and convinces the people to have them for making themselves active and smart .In this way ,he introduces new fashions in everything of daily use.We cannot curse fashions but an excessive craze for them is unwanted.

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