Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Vampire Diaries': The Evolution of Tyler Lockwood

This article contains massive spoilers from last night's The Vampire Diaries. Proceed with caution!Like The Vampire Diaries we know and love, "Down the Rabbit Hole" had so many twists and gasp-inducing events that it felt like a season finale.
But because of the sheer number of shocking moments, some extremely important revelations were overshadowed — namely, the fact that Tyler Lockwood left Mystic Falls (probably) for good.

While we'll all hold out hope that Michael Trevino's vampire/werewolf hybrid is just taking a couple of episodes off, this exit seems like the real deal. The saddest part — well, not the saddest but certainly pretty sh**ty — is that the whole "Jeremy's probably dead" thing totally eclipsed Tyler's departure. Sure, Tyler might still be alive, but he's still gone! Tyler's poignant, beautiful, tearjerking exit is all but forgotten in the harsh light of Jeremy's life-or-death cliffhanger.

That just doesn't seem fair, considering Tyler has been such a compelling character throughout the four seasons of TVD. In his honor, compiled our favorite Tyler-centric moments from the previous three and a half seasons: Remember how he went from being a complete and total dick in Season 1 to a selfless, brave leader in Season 4? Thanks to Trevino's awesome performance, Tyler transformed into a different, better person, moreso than any other character (supernatural or otherwise) on the show.

So goodbye, Tyler Lockwood (and Michael Trevino), we will miss your leather jackets, bulging muscles, and beautiful face. Please hurry back to Mystic Falls ASAP and grace our TVs again! In your absence, we'll just rewatch all your shirtless scenes. No shame.

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