Monday, 25 February 2013

'Bachelor' Sean down to final two women

Sean Lowe narrows down his field to two.

The woman who was surest about her love for Sean is sent packing.

Someone's heart got broken, big time, on Monday's important Overnight Date episode. It was inevitable. Everyone knew it was coming. The only question was:
Which woman would be sent home weeping? And which two are now in the running for an engagement rock?

Bachelor Sean whisks Loves-to-kiss Lindsay, We're-soulmates AshLee, and giggler Catherine to Si Kao, Thailand. "It's amazing to think these are my last three girls," he says, "But at the same time I'm freakin' crazy about all three of 'em!"

While rocking in a hammock, he wonders to himself, "Who am I going to spend the rest of my life with?"

Catherine? "She's a little weird and nerdy and goofy and I think I'm weird, nerdy and goofy. I need more silly in my life." He says, "I could easy picture Catherine and I cuddling up on the couch, kids at home."

AshLee? "She has all of these amazing qualities that any man would want in his life." Sean says, "When I picture my future with AshLee, I picture the two of us. Livin' in Dallas. A nice little house with kids running around. The American dream."

Lindsay? "Lindsay and I have this spark that had grown into this massive flame."

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First up: Lindsay. They zip off to a local market, where among the items are baby chicks dyed bright colors. At a stall selling bugs, Lindsay notes, "This looks like biology class." They hold hands and kiss and wander through the market. "I feel like I'm with my high school sweetheart," says Sean.

They head to Monkey Beach next, where Lindsay puts on a teeny purple bikini (ABC, why don't you provide art from these dates!?) and Sean wears some colorful board shorts. As the sun sets, they feed the monkeys, take a swim and do some artsy silhouetted smooching.

But, notes Lindsay, "I haven't told Sean that I love him because I'm scared of getting hurt. It's terrifying."

Sean confesses as they head to dinner, "All day today I was thinking, 'Could I marry this girl?' And the answer was always yes!"

Surrounded by lighted floats from various temples, they toast each other. "I'm so excited for our life to start," says Lindsay. "We'd be so happy." Sean smiles and kisses her.

But she has yet to tell him that she loves him. "I do take this serious," she says to him. "It feels right and it feels real." And just as she seems she's going to say it, Thai dancers come out to entertain them. Next thing we know, Sean is whipping out the fantasy suite invitation card. "I would love to spend time with you," Lindsay says without hesitation and they head to their room.

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