Monday, 18 February 2013

How To Work Pak Steel INdustry

Complete   Profile Pak Steel Industry
The establishment of a steel industry is considered to be a milestone on the road to industrialization .In the early years the emphasis was on the production of consumer goods.However, in the late 50s ,the establishment of the steel industry was considered essential for industrial development .Finally,the Pakistan steel Mill corporation,with technical and financial assistance from  the USSR,was established on Decmber 30,1973 at Pipri.
It is located about 40 km east of Karachi on Gharo creek near port Qasim.

Pakistan steel provides raw materials to the engineering and construction industries.These industries depend on Pakistan steel's products and by -products as inputs.
It is the major heavy engineering centre 0f  Pakistan ,which has the capability for the designing and manufacturing of industrial plants and machinery.
The Heavy Forge Factory  (HFF)at this complex has also proved crucial for Pakistan 's defence production needs .HMC is also manufacturing equipment for hydro-electric power plants, thermal power plants, oil and gas processing plants, and chemical and petro-chemical plants ,etc,Boilers,cranes, construction machinery,material-handling equipment,steel structures and railway equipment are some of the other products ,which are produce on a regular basis .The company 's capabilities also include engineering and manufacturing of machinery for sugar mills .The products conform to international standards and are made in accordance with customer requirements.

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