Wednesday, 19 March 2014

8 spices that prevent Cancer

Turmeric is the king of all spices to prevent cancer. Turmeric gives a pleasant color and good taste to our foods. It contains Cur cumin that prevents the growth of those cancer cells, which become the cause of prostate, breast cancer, brain tumor blood cancer and other different types of cancer.
Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are rich in anti-oxidants, which destroy cancer cells. Anethol found in fennel seeds gives a strong resistance to cancer cells. Apart from fennel seeds its flower and plant is also used in our foods, which is called Soya. You can use these to make your salads and soups healthy and fragrant.
Kerotenoids Dicarboxylic Acid, which is also called Crocetin, is naturally found in saffron. This ingredient not only slows down the speed of disease but also decreases the size of tumor to half. Patients who are just in the beginning of cancer they can get rid of this disease with saffron.
Cumin seeds
We all know that cumin is very effective for digestion. That ‘s why it is used in raita. Thymoquinon is found in cumin, which prevent the growth of those cells, which cause prostate cancer.
If you develop the habit of taking half teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily you can avoid cancer. Cinnamon has the quality of protecting other foods. It also contains iron and calcium. It is very effective to control the growth of tumor. You can use cinnamon tea and in powder form you can use it in milk, porridge and fruits.
Aniseed seeds are very effective against cancer. Only 1 teaspoon of aniseed contains calories equal to 2 bowls of red grapes. Aniseed works as a medicine against cancer.
Red chili
Red chili possesses anti cancer qualities. Capsaicin kills cancer cells and also decreases the size of blood cancer tumor.
This fragrant root has so many medical benefits like controls cholesterol level, helpful in digestion and destroys cancer cells. We all know that ginger is very effective for cough flu and cold.
Cloves, cumin, mint, lemon, olive, evacado and vinegar are also fight against cancer.

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