Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sangram Is My Man:Payal Rohatgi

Actress-dancer Payal Rohatgi took her 3-year old relationship with wrestler Sangram Singh to the next level. On Thursday the pair got engaged at a simple ceremony in Ahmedabad in the presence of Payal's parents.Sangram's parents were conspicuous by their absence.Says Payal ecstatically, `The
sagaai was a simple ceremony. Sangram is a simple man with high moral values.`

Payal says Sangram has brought stability into her life. `Ever since I met Sangram I am at peace with myself.I am glad I have found a partner who is a man of his words. He is humble, mature and a terrific human being.`

She will marry Sangram this winter. `The shaadi will hopefully happen in November or December 2014.Sangram is the man for me. Of that I am sure.`

What about the two being such different humanbeings?Would they be able to make a marriage out of their compatibility? Says Payal, `I guess God has his own plans for all of us.And I trust His decision. He always does what's best for me

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