Monday, 3 March 2014

Pakistan's 4 Weaknesses

For example, our tax system weaknesses, many of which are in dire need of improvement. present our system of justice is something. reform is needed in this, the third important issue is our country's electoral system There are many errors in the audience need to closely review is accurate, the
fourth and most important problem of our foreign policy which is still running on the same old track.

Our tax system should be carefully reviewed all the taxes in this country seem to have been imposed only in service class. Rotten system that our landlords, capitalists and industrialists had a great deal of relief, he took advantage. taxing work people do in our parliament. Parliament Members to review the most number of landowners and capitalists. past the PML-N government in parliament in the capital partners, industry was dominated by the People's Party in the landowners and feudal lords had the majority in the Assembly but has also become the manufacturer.a balanced tax system can not be brought. View our landlords and industrialists in the Legislative Assembly of captures. Because the tax law make it their interests are always in mind.

As far as justice is concerned, our country's justice system is very weak. Ordinary citizens the right While your age is over., But it does not get justice because the assemblies are representatives of our. They taqturhyn that Court of Justice does not have to. enough power to get out of the courts and can afford. justice and the cause of the weakness of the law enforcement agency,'' police''. since 1947 until today, the police Obey rulers is over..

Our electoral system is the third most important issue. Our electoral system in general, no place for poor and middle class because this class is neither money nor influence and power.'s Current electoral system, it is impossible to get through the House. In the capitalist, feudal and influential segment wants that our electoral system is so outdated that no ordinary citizen could not step into the halls of power.

If you look past Bhutto, was executed. Mian Sahib kuatk coming to power with a two-thirds majority was put in jail. Was necessary at this time that our people took to the streets to play a role in strengthening the democratic system. Mndyt two-thirds of its democratic leader who had been on the street Come and put into practice., but this time the people are asleep. It harms democracy dictator to take advantage of it. Kmzursy which our political leaders went weak. Political rulers have neither guns nor cannons., If they are just people's power ., but when the public is divided and political leaders stand behind. slogans against the 'stepped' We are with you but if he is not the leader looking back to see the indifference democratic politician weak are . says Aristotle, 'democracy' can be made only by the power of the people. forces that make up the foreign policy of our country in the last moments rulers are rescued and taken abroad.

In the event of breach of the Constitution by the large number of people to the streets in defense of the Constitution, any person may be induced low. Similarly when our elected leaders will make sure that they stay in power behind the external support or any foreign asyrabad powerful class rich public support rather then just pure ranged nation will be able to take direct action for the public welfare. 

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