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The 12 dancing princesses - Brothers Grimm story

It was once upon a time a king who had twelve beautiful daughters. They slept in 12 beds in the same room. When going to sleep, their bedroom door was closed and locked well. However, every morning their shoes were so worn, as if they have danced all night. Nobody knew what was happening to them or where they were going.

One day, the king announced across the country that if any lad discovers the secret, and find out where princesses dance during the night, he will get a wife like that of the girls who most and will become king after his death . Although many young men have dared to try, none of them failed to reveal the mystery of the daughters of the king, cutting off his head at all, after three days and three nights of fruitless attempts to discover what is going on.

After a while showed the court a beautiful prince, the son of a king from other places. He was welcomed and feasted, and by evening he was taken in the next room of the princesses. Here, the prince had to stay on the lookout and to find out where she went dancing girls. To hear even the slightest noise from the next room, his pantry door was left open. Prince but soon fell asleep and when he woke up this morning and realized that the princess had been dancing again because their shoes were worn soles. The same thing happened and the second and third night, so the king ordered to be beheaded. After this came many other young people in the yard, but we all had the same bad luck, losing their lives just like Prince.

It happened that one day to pass through that country in many battle hardened soldier and injured many wounds of war, not able to fight. While you crossed a wood, he met an old woman who asked where is heading. "I really do not know where I go or what to do in life," replied the soldier, "but I'm going to try to find out where they go at night dancing princesses, and I get so king." "Well", old said, "is not too difficult a task as long as you do not taste a single drop of wine that you bring him one evening princesses, and, once the princess get away from you, it is a must to fake sleep . "

Then the old woman gave him a cloak and said: "As soon as the dress, become invisible, and you can thus follow the princesses wherever they go." After the soldier received such good advice, he decided to try his luck. He went straight to the king and told him that is ready to take charge of his daughters reveal the secret.

The soldier was treated as well as those before him, and the king commanded to be given royal clothes chosen. When evening came, he went into his room. Even when he was going to lie in bed, the oldest of three princesses brought him a glass of wine. The soldier threw drink on the sly, taking care not taste even a drop. Afterwards, nestled in bed and began to snore as loud could, as it slept. When the princess heard them snores, started to laugh heartily, the oldest saying, "This man could have done something wiser than to lose life this way." Then girls have open drawers and cupboards, and chose the most beautiful dresses, and were dressed in front of the mirror as fast as they could, as if they could not desire to dance. The smallest of them said, "I do not know why, but while you are so happy, I feel disturbed. I'm sure a lot of trouble lurking us. "" More, silly, "replied the greatest," always know you're afraid, you forgot how many sons of kings kept us in vain? How about this soldier, even if I sleep powders have given, it would still be asleep as soon as possible. "

The 12 dancing princesses - Story GrimmDupa brothers who finished cooking, princesses went to look at the soldier, but his snoring healthy without even move his hands or legs. Convincing themselves that they are safe, the girls were back in their room and the oldest went to the bed and beat her hands. Immediately, the bed sank into the floor, revealing a series of steps. The soldier saw them as descending on the ladder, one by one, the oldest going forward. Thinking they had no time to lose, he jumped up, put his cloak given to the old and followed them. In the middle stair stepped on the dress but the smallest girl and she cried out to her sisters, "Something is not right, someone hooked me dress." "Oh, silly!" Rebuked her eldest sister , "is just a nail in the wall." After that, they finished down the stairs and came in a beautiful grove. Leaves surrounding trees were silver and sparkle and glitter exceptionally beautiful. The soldier was going to take something as a sign of changing over there, so he broke a small branch, hearing is for this reason one loud cracking noise. The youngest of the princesses said again, "I'm sure something is wrong, I've heard that noise before? No such thing ever happened. "The older girl replied," What you hear is not only our princes, crying with joy as we approach them. "

Then came to another grove, where all the leaves of the trees were of gold and then to a third, where the leaves were of diamonds. Each soldier broke a sprig from each grove, and every time gave birth to a great noise, making it the youngest sister tremble with fear; eldest sister always said that what he heard was not only laughter of joy of princes. Finally got around a large lake, the shores of which were 12 boats with 12 Print Show, which seemed to expect the princesses.

Each of the princesses stepped into each boat, and the soldier got in the same boat as the lower face.

While surf on the lake, the prince found the boat with the youngest princess said, "I do not know why but while rowing with all his might, we move as fast as usual, and I'm incredibly tired , the boat seems to be very hard today. "" it's because naduselii in the air, "answered the princess," to me it is very hot. "

On the other side of the lake stands a castle surrounded by a glowing light, from which agreements could hear a cheerful music of cornets and trumpets. All fell on the ground and entered the castle, each princess dancing with one print. The soldier, who was still invisible, danced and he with them. And every time one of the princesses brought him a glass of wine filled with gold, we drink it all, so when the girls went to the mouth of the cup was empty. For this reason, youngest sister was frightened again, but the oldest told him to calm down.

All danced until three in the morning, until they were red soles of shoes, and had to leave. Princes rowed on the lake again, but this time the soldier sat in the same boat with the older sister. When they reached the opposite bank, they said goodbye to each other and princesses and promised to come the next night.

The moment they reached the stairs, the soldier he went ahead and lay on the bed, so when they sneak princess, tired, in their room, they could hear snoring hard. Morning, the soldier has not confessed anything about what had happened, but decided to take part more in this strange adventure, going invisible princesses dancing with another two nights. On both occasions, things happened just as before. Princesses danced till their shoes were worn soles, and returned home. However, on the third night the soldier took with him one of the golden cups as a testament to the place where he was.

Once it's time to reveal the secret, was brought before the king, wearing upon three branches and the golden cup. The 12 princesses stood behind the door, pulling the ear to what was meant. When King asked, "Where are my girls dancing that night?" The soldier said, "Together with 12 princes in a castle underground." Then the king told him what had happened, and showed three branches and the golden cup which he had brought with him. King has called Princess and asked if he had said was true soldier. Seeing that they were exposing data as there was no point in denying, they recognized that it was exactly as it is narrated. The king asked the soldier chooses to tell his wife of 12 princesses, and he replied, "Not exactly young, so I want the oldest." Those two were married that very day, and the soldier was appointed as successor to the throne of the king.

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