Thursday, 18 December 2014

Peshawar school tragedy: Celina Jaitley writes an ode to the mother who rocked her child to sleep in a coffin!

The actress who is a mother of twins wrote her heart out on the carnage that took the lives of innocent children in Peshawar yesterday. Read on…

I woke up this morning to the macabre images of the doings of the Taliban on the front page of ” gulf news” in Dubai. The headlines said “cowards”… Well , Gulf news was right! No words could describe the Talibs who did this better.

Twitter was flooded with condolences and so was Facebook however, I was flooded with mixed emotions of pain and anger.
No condolence can heal a mother who has seen her child slain in a coffin. The time of Pakistan’s political tactics and Nawaz Sharif government’s failed attempts at negotiating with Tehreek-e-Taliban obviously has come to an end. The Pakistani government MUST unleash its wrath on this inhumanity!
As a mother of twin blessings I cannot fathom the darkness and pain that will loom in the hearts of the parents & grandparents of the victims.
I studied in Army Public School Udhampur, Kashmir. I remember we went to school with armed army guards guarding our bus. I never understood as a little girl why those soldiers had to be there with loaded weapons, I got to know “why” later but got to see the seriousness of this only now, unfortunately.
I write this as I watch my sons play with their toy cars innocently. Winston brings a peanut to me so excited that he can eat what the squirrels eat and Viraaj counts all the pigeons devotedly. They have no knowledge of religion, or countries or politics. They have virgin minds, pure and pristine. They do not know what lurks in this world, just like the many children who were a part of this morbid incident in Peshawar. The Taliban fears the child who carries a book more then anything else in this world. They fear knowledge, and correct interpretations of religion through pure minds!
Our future is in the eyes of our children. I hope sense will prevail over the governments to put for once our differences aside and fight the growing cancer of the Taliban just as UN Rights Wire Chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein calls for a united front against “savage extremism”.
While I have so much more to say all I can think of right now is; God, where were you and religion, where were your teachings, when that mother held her child for the last time in her arms! My condolences on behalf of every parent and mother on this earth who held her child close to her bosom, to the mothers and fathers who despair in endless darkness and pain of this cowardly inhuman act !

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