Friday, 7 February 2014

Live coverage: Olympics opening ceremony

The Boston Bruin Zdeno Chara carried in the flag for Slovakia. The 6-foot-9 skater seemed to have no problem carrying in the flag.
Bryce Miller: Best item in the media book that explains all the size-and-scope details related to the Opening Ceremony is a line about the 10,000 Russians who auditioned to perform in the Opening and
Closing ceremonies. The book made sure to clarify that the most popular song dancers bounced to as they chased their gyrating, Olympic dream was pop-culture ear worm “Gangnam Style.”

Bryce Miller: This is a new-age parade of nations at the Opening Ceremony. Pumping electronica music accompanied by Russian dancers lined around the stadium, grooving in all-white coats and fur hats. The clincher, though, is the male announcer helping introduce teams as they walk in. A woman calmly mentions the country, then he follows with a smarmy delivery that sounds like a bad pick-up line at the bar. His announcement of Latvia, for the record, sounded a bit more than R-rated.

The independent Olympic participants are from India, but cannot compete under their own flag because India has been suspended by the IOC.

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