Saturday, 15 February 2014

Be a part of Sindh Fashion Festival?Pakistan

Sindh Fashion Festival dazzles all,

KARACHI: Be a part of the innovation, ideas and passion for culture. Be a part of Sindh Festival. That was the spirit for Sindh Fashion Festival as Karachiites witnessed a unique fashion show, which offered glimpses of Indus cultural trends at the ongoing Sindh festival at National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) on Wednesday.

The event was graced by Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari along with his sister Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari and other party leadership, including Sherry Rehman, Sharmila Faruqi, Owais Muzaffar and Fawad Chaudhry. The event, conceptualised by the young and dynamic Shehryar Taseer, had two components, a two-day fashion extravaganza showcasing some of the country’s finest talent and a fashion museum exhibit. 
“To complete and present this sort of work in 90 days was daunting task. When we started everybody told us it won’t happen in such a short time. I took the challenge and showed it can happen,” said Shehryar. “It’s a start for revival of culture. Hopefully next year we would do in even in better way,” he added. Praising Shehryar Taseer’s work, Ayesha Tammy Haq, a well-known TV host, commented, “I am glad that Shehryar has done it. Audience today witnessed an event where there was music and cultural dance. We are a nation that is in stress. So there’s no harm if we have some kind of relaxation through these events,” Tammy said while talking to Daily Times.
On the other hand, while talking to media, PPP leader Sherry Rehman was of the view that Sindh Festival has provided entertainment for people from all walks of life. “We would continue to promote Pakistan’s culture,” said Sherry. Fashion Festival, first of its kind, attracted noted designers to showcase to educate and create cultural awareness. Some of the leading designers like Bunto Kazmi, Fnk Asia, Amir Adnan, Nauman Afreen, Zaheer Abbas, Umar Sayeed displayed their innovation at the show.
Bunto Kazmi Bunto showcased an enthralling collection of shawls and panels under the tag of “Embroidered Dreams”. Through a collection of lively colors and exotic craft, Huma Adnan under Fnk Asia exhibited vivid tunics with potpourri of waistcoats and lowers. “Young Pakistan on the Road to success” collection showcased by Amir Adnan showcased presented smart, traditional wear, highlighting tangents of the sherwani, waistcoat and shalwar kameez.
Epitomising the nature and beauty of Sindh, Kaala Teetar bird was the inspiration behind Nauman Afreen’s collection. Zaheer Abbas presented a collection that is predominantly based on the ajrak, a symbol of Sindh’s tradition, and a hallmark of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Using his ensembles as a canvas, Umar Sayeed played with the country’s rich textiles and detailed embroideries to create stunning and contemporary images, which are truly reflective of a modern, progressive Pakistan.
Apart from costumes, the festival also showcased classical folk dances and music. The evening started with thrilling dance performances by O2 group, followed by music and dance performances including the infectious, beats of folk singer with a unique tone Sherry Raza and the musical styling of folk singer Akhtar Chanaar Zahri. The first day of ceremony ended with fireworks as it sparkled in city’s night sky.

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