Saturday, 15 February 2014

New York Ready for Another One: New Storm Takes Aim at Northeast

 A new storm system was headed towards the Northeast on Saturday, just as millions from Texas to Maine struggled to cope with the aftermath of the season’s ugliest winter blasts yet.
The new storm was expected to dump up to 6 inches of snow on parts of the East Coast throughout the day, and the National Weather Service
put up blizzard alerts throughout New England for Saturday.

But that's nothing compared to the monster storm that moved into New England Friday morning, which dumped 22.5 inches of snow on Pennsylvania, and as much as 27 inches in parts of upstate New York.

Grounded flights, ice-slicked interstates, sagging or collapsed roofs and thousands still without power — the storm's toll stretches from Texas to Maine.

The sloppy mix of wet snow, sleet and rain grounded more than 7,100 flights nationwide on Thursday and about 2,100 more on Friday, adding to the worst winter of cancellations for the airline industry on record.

About 1.2 million utility customers lost power as the storm moved from the South through the Northeast. More than 200,000, mainly in South Carolina and Georgia, were still in the dark Friday.

Many schools remained closed Friday in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and across New England, despite having long since spent their allotment of snow days.

The storm, which brewed in North Texas on Monday and lumbered east through the week, was blamed for at least 25 deaths.

"Every time it snows, it's like, 'Oh, not again,'" Randal DeIvernois of New Cumberland, Pa., told The Associated Press. "I didn't get this much snow when I lived in Colorado."

In Rockland County, N.Y., there were reports of three collapsed roofs Thursday night into Friday morning, officials said.

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