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The world's most romantic date spots

Few things say romance quite so well as travel, as exploration and dating go together like food and wine. If you're in the mood to experience the thrill of discovering someone new while also exploring a foreign locale, then we have some tips for you. Consider this list of some of the most romantic culinary destinations in the world.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London

Anyone can take a date to a bar, but if you really want to impress someone, dazzle them at one of the oldest bars in the world. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is so ancient it has an extra "e" in the name. Dating back to the 1600s, this cozy dating den has all the signature marks of a traditional English Pub. Not only are the beers and pies crafted and served with the same flair that the Queen would be proud of, but the pub itself is perfect for getting to know someone. Sawdust strewn floors, cozy benches, rich wooden interiors, dark corners and the soft crackle of a coal fireplace in the corner will lull you into one another's eyes.

Schweizerhaus in Vienna

The Schweizerhaus in Vienna, Austria is located in the middle of the Prater, a vintage carnival theme park dating back to the glory ages of the Austrian Hungarian Empire. The charm of cotton candy, ferris wheels and gingerbread stalls is inescapable when merged with the fineries of Vienna. Couples often stroll the lanes of the Prater with traditional gingerbread hearts, a token of affection started in the olden days of Austria. Bring a date here, win them a prize at the game stall and take them out for a stein of local beer. Sitting under the summer stars, serenaded by the lilt of bells and a ferris wheel is an experience that could make anyone fall in love.

 Rialto Market in Venice

The air in Venice is thick with romance, in no place more so than the Rialto Market. Casanova used to meander through the Rialto Market, buying prosecco for young ladies at the vendors that loiter on the edges of this open air market. The city of Venice swirls around the fruit and vegetable stalls, lapping at the edges of the cafes that perch above the canals. This date spot allows you to show off your culinary skills by shopping for farm fresh supplies while being serenaded by local musicians. If you're less inclined for the kitchen, you can take your sweetie to any of the ancient coffee and wine shops that fill every corner of the market.

The Gam Wine Tunnel in Korea

The wine tunnel in Cheongdo, South Korea is a repurposed remnant of an ambitious railroad project from the late 1800s. Today, it is a several-mile-long tunnel draped in Christmas lights and studded with secluded wooden tables. What makes the tunnel truly famous is that it is the site of the world's first persimmon wine. As you stroll down the tunnel there are counters that sell bottles and individual glasses of the sweet persimmon wine. You can truly wine and dine your sweetheart at any table along the corridor. The hush of the brick tunnel and the soft light of the lamps sets the mood for intimate conversation and the wine does the rest.

Mauna Kea Resort in Hawaii

All of Hawaii lends itself to the romantic. However, if you're going to make the grand odyssey to the Big Island and you want to take a special someone out for an evening, then the Mauna Kea is hard to beat. Its sweeping restaurant deck looms over the ocean and is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the stomach. Manta Rays dance in the ocean below the bar and the air is fragrant with roast pig and mai tais. As the sun plunges into the sea, the fire pits along the coast begin to come alive and the manta rays gather in force to feed along the shore. It's impossible to not be moved by the sweeping shoreline and the fierce sunsets.

The Grand Courtyard in Split, Croatia

In the marble courtyard of a 3,000-year-old city, waiters in formal vests bring rough hewn wooden trays laden with candles and sweet honey liquor. Moonlight begins to seep through the Roman columns and pour onto the musicians that play in the corner. Couples sit on cushions along the marble benches and whisper to one another. This secluded arena used to be the grand stadium for the commander of the walled city to make public announcements. Today, it is the most romantic location in the city. Framed by a gothic cathedral and Roman walls, it has been occupied by cafes and restaurants that take full advantage of the perfect acoustics and soft lighting. Sitting here fills the soul with joy and the heart with passion.

Love Lock Bridge in Paris

When you think of love, romance and dating it would be impossible to not think of Paris. For the grand gesture you can always take a date to the Love Lock bridge that spans the river Seine. Stretching out in the shadow of Notre Dame and adjacent to the Louvre, the Love Lock bridge is where young lovers go to make a commitment. A couple will write their name on a lock and secure it to the bridge before throwing the key over the edge and into the river. This locks their love for an eternity. Not only is the setting perfect, but the edge of the river is cloaked in intimate cafes and wine bars.

Thunder Bay in Canada

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