Sunday, 2 February 2014

Libya is Buying a Variety of Weapons

If we delay any longer,the situation is going to get completely out of control . It will be too late to stop it ."we can't rush into this ?You think how hard is my information ?

It's difficult to say .We are fairly certain that Libya is buying a variety of weapons from Iran and   China ."But Libya denies it. Of course .So do China and Iran .What about the other Arab states?
I think it's going to be the excuse that all the other Arab states have been waiting for .They 'll join to wipe Israel out."

Do you have reliable assets in Libya ?
We have no choice but to move.'What do you know about the United Arab Emirates ?Not a lot ."Five or six states got together twenty year ago or so and formed  a coalition ."Seven of them .They joined together in 1971 .Abu Dhabi ,Fujaira,Dubai,Sharjah,Ras al-Khaimah,Umm al-Qaiwan,and Ajman .When they started out ,they weren't very strong,but the Emirates have been incredibly well run .Today they have one of the world's highest standards of living. Their gross domestic product last year was over thirty -nine billion dollars."


                    Over the centuries it has been difficult ,if not impossible ,to briddge the problems that divide us -philosophical,linguistic,religious ,cultural.Those are the reasons there have been so many wars in our parts of the world .If Jews confiscate the land of palestinians ,no one in Omaha or Kansas is affected .Their lives go on the same .If a synagogue in Jerusalem is bombed,the Italians n Roma and Venice pay no attention

We want to make peace with your ally,Israel.Your embargoes against Iran  and other Arab countries have cost us untold billions of dollars .We want to put an end to that .If the United States will act as sponsor,-the Arab countries inc;idomg Iran Libya ,Syria have agreed to sit down and    negotiate a permanent peace treaty with Israel,

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