Sunday, 3 March 2013

Past relationships

Humans can be very fragile when it comes to wondering what could have happened if their previous relationships worked out. As a matter of fact, some people might take a risk of ruining a current relationship with the ghost of an old one. While others might turn to keeping busy while single by looking up the news of an old flame, which is not as harmful at the first situation. Women are mostly obsessed with moving on; that’s why the more single the woman is,
the higher the tendency of wondering about their past relationships. I have heard many of my friends confess that they would be devastated if they found out that their old love got married before them even though no feelings are involved.

Actually, you might think there is nothing wrong about looking up an old relationship thinking you can turn to be friends after all, but is this really possible? Can love be friendship? It’s a question that was never answered. To me, friendship can turn to love but it can never work the other way around. Everyone has at least tried being friends with old flames at least once but I can truly say I have never seen it work. However, like I said before its okay if you are single but it is a deal breaker if you are in a relationship. On the other hand, why would you look for a past when you are enjoying your future?
If you find yourself looking for an old flame, while living a happy relationship, then it's most likely you are not that happy after all. It indicates that the reality of your relationship or marriage is in some way disillusioning or disappointing you. That’s why you might turn to creating a fantasy that this old relationship is what you need for a perfect life. The reason behind this is probably the fact that this old flame existed when you were much younger and therefore more innocent, when everything looked and felt perfect. You are thinking you just want your ideal life back.

Other women might be looking for closure and if you are one of them thinking that you just want to contact an old love to say you were sorry or to ask why they left, you might not be expecting feelings to come back. Sometimes this might work; however, if you or this other person is currently in a relationship then you might be risking finding that time after time feelings do come back with temptations to destroy your current relationship.

When you are really enjoying a current relationship, don't jeopardize it by looking for an old flame that might have looked perfect at the past when you had nothing to worry about. Instead work on your current relationship and put in your mind that at the beginning of it, it felt as perfect as your past ones.

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