Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The culture of Rajasthan: India

When the ice cream shop on a poor mother saw a small child, he told his mother thatI Do notButThe poor mother had no money NiThen she began to cry and sob standing standing in voice started to say something to the world
Looking at my age poverty smilesYour fame has extended beyond the headYour mistake is the right callOn my right is also kill meYour happiness is in the happy and unaware of my sorrowWhy such a difference when we both have a similarI am also a human being is a human being too and ye hu
I've been a regular at last died in clothesWho would eat sometimes eatenTune to suit put Bdar

Tune So you also ate dinner KutoAnd I would love to do is insult dogWhy such a difference when we both have a similarEven so ye also the human being is a human being I am in
I am really rich and poor in our country from the collapsed wall forms will goThat day will shed no mother would not snap.

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