Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What has suddenly made Ameesha this sexy, hot girl?

After 'Race 2', Ameesha Patel is looking forward to her upcoming film, 'Shortcut Romeo'

Ameesha Patel is back to her happy successful zone. After getting an amazing applause from audiences for her role in Race 2, her focus is now on her next release - Shortcut Romeo. Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us something about your next film Shortcut Romeo?
It is ready for release in April and I'm very happy with the way the film has shaped up. My character is totally different from the bubbly girl in Race 2. It's a very hard and strong character.

People have loved your look and character Cherry in Race 2?
Touchwood.... I couldn't have asked for more. When Rameshji narrated me the script I loved my part and I knew no matter what the length will be I know I will stand out and people will love my character. I'm so grateful to all my fans for making me feel this way.

Your look is the talk of the town and your face is on hoardings all over.
Yes... once again touchwood... I've been getting loads of compliments and I'm trying to do my best.

What has suddenly made Ameesha this sexy, hot girl?
Kuunal Ghoomar, my business partner, has a vision about me and feels there has been much more to me then what I have shown people where my looks and talent is concerned. He now is working on my attitude and role in our home production as well where I will be playing a total bitch.

You have bounced back big time and with four releases in 2013 you must be feeling on cloud nine?
Yes, it's a great feeling after a long break and I'm all charged up and I feel as if I'm making my debut all over again.

According to sources your film Bhaiiyaji Superhit with Sunny Deol also is an out-and-out entertainer?
Yes... it's an awesome script and I'm so excited about the film and it's Sunny's first double role as well.

Do you feel that your talent and looks have got its due?
No for sure but trust me 2013 will get my dues and I will hit back hard

You always are surrounded with controversies? How does u feel?
Well all I can say is when you make people talk about you means you're on the correct track. So actually I'm happy that people waste their paper or pen or time on me. It actually makes me feel I'm affecting them

In an industry like this without any godfather or hero-boyfriend has it been an easy journey?
No, it hasn't been at all, but yes I have been lucky to have some huge hits. People still remember my films that 10 years back have done R 200 crore business.

The support from some very close friends has helped me to come till here and of course my friend and business partner Kuunal who believes that I have a long way to go. Kuunal is a super positive man and has a vision that he feels will take my career to the top and God willing, I'm already seeing the results.

Kuunal feels that Ameesha can be far sexier and a much more serious actress, where content is concerned than the kind of films that have come. He's working on some really dark roles for me as well. God has been very kind and I'm looking forward to this year.

Is Ameesha Patel heading back to the top spot? Is that your goal?
To be honest my goal is to do great work, which I deserve and work hard on them and of course with Kuunal beside me I'm sure we as a team are here to shock lots. The best of Ameesha is yet to come...

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