Sunday, 27 January 2013

Why Men Prefer Women with Long Hair?

There are many reasons behind why a man really likes a woman with long hair. One is; men feel women with long hair look more sexually attractive. That’s why men prefer women with long hair.

A type of ideal partner is different from one another. Some men even prefer tomboyish woman with a short haircut. However, let us see what is the reason men like women with long hair, especially when it comes to sex.

1. Sexy

Women who have long hair have a special attraction for him. In fact, not a few who claim that the long-haired women look more sexy and seductive.

2. Signifies Fertility

According to many studies, thick long hair signifies a woman’s fertility. Long hair look healthy also indicates that she is healthy and active both physically and mentally.

3. Naughty Fantasies

Everyone certainly has sexual fantasies, especially the men. Many of them said he was happy to imagine a woman with long hair wet with droplets of water that flows from the neck to the chest. Especially if the woman is just bathing and shampooing.

4. Toy

When kissing, he loves to play with the hair of a woman. However, many women also feel happy when men play with their hair. In fact, not infrequently, men like to submerge their face in strands of her long hair. It makes them feel more erotic and exciting.

When speaking in terms of eroticism, most men feel more excited when they saw women with long flowing hair during sex.

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