Saturday, 26 January 2013

What's Cooking, Mahie?

Mahie Gill is known for her cooking skills, so much so that director Tigmanshu Dhulia has named a dish after her - Mahi Methi Paneer.

`I love saag, be it sarson, palak or methi,` says the doe-eyed beauty. In a fun-filled interview, Mahie talks about food, food and more food.

Food fun
I love all kinds of cuisine be it Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian or even Greek. Being a Punjabi, I like to gorge on rajma or chole chawal
. I find the typical Malwani food very appetising. In seafood, I swear by crabs and lobsters. That's doesn't leave much out, does it? (laughs).

Sweet memories
As a kid, I loved gulab jamuns. I still do. Recently, I have developed a liking for desserts. I simply love Tiramisu.

esserts. I simply love Tiramisu.

Cooking therapy
I love cooking for friends but not for myself. I am quite a basic cook. But my friends love my egg-fried rice.

Food on the road
I prefer eating at small places than fancy restaurants. I love the food served in shacks in Thailand, Singapore and other Asian countries. In India, Rajasthan and Punjab have some lovely dhabas. Likewise Kerala and West Bengal. I have a Bengali friend who makes yummy dishes for me.

Comfort food
I can eat Nachos with cheese anytime. In fact, anything with cheese makes me happy.

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