Tuesday, 22 January 2013

10 Monokinis we LOVE

Crystal jin
The Crystal Jin monokini is great in hiding love handles but not so great if you're flat- chested -Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Diesel came up with this piece to add a little glamour to swimwear, so wear it at your next VIP pool party and show it off but take good care of it when you wash it for the tassels might come off-getty images
Ed Hardy
Ed Hardy has always been known for being the “bad-boy” brand. Even their monokinis have an added tom-boy touch to them. Buy this piece if you want to look pretty but bad-ass-CARLOS BARRIA/Newscom/RTR
Jogo beach
Jogo Beach came up with this white monokini to flatter those with smaller cup sizes. The V-cut isn’t so deep, therefore suitable for those who wear cup size B or less-getty images
Jogo beach
Jogo Beach hits a spot again with this patterned, simple monokini ready for everyday fun in the sun. It’s great if you don't want to show a lot of cleavage and want to hide your bloated tummy-getty images
Lourdes Hanimian floral
Lourdes Hanimian floral
The Lourdes Hanimian Black & White monokini is the upgrade of a simple floral bikini. This bathing suit is also great for everyday use; just make sure to wash it thoroughly after use and dry the metal ring well to avoid rusting-CARLOS BARRIA/Newscom/RTR
Black Perfect Tan Bikini
Perfect Tan Bikini produces another piece of art with this black hot bathing suit right here. Don’t wear it if the waves are high though, you don't want anything tugging it down and leaving you top-less-getty images
Red carter
Not anybody can pull off a golden-metallic monokini, so make sure you have the right skin tone and the perfect body before buying this bathing suit from Red Carter-Getty Images for IMG
Zingara patterned
Zingara’s patterned mono shows the right amount of skin. Because it’s not too racy and not too conservative, you can wear this monokini with friends or family and still feel cute and sexy-getty images
Zingara patterned
Zingara’s hot pink mono is a personal favorite. The halter straps secure everything in place but this swimsuit doesn't really work well with love handles-getty images

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