Thursday, 17 January 2013

5 Signs of Overeating

Everything consumed in excess will be bad for health. Unfortunately, not many are aware of it. Many of us do not know for sure whether the amount of food intake was consumed as needed or not, because it is difficult to quantify this sort of thing. Here are the signs that appear when a person eats in excess.

1. Feeling bloated after eating.

2. Feel uncomfortable after eating or even not at all satisfied.

3. Stomach feels full so no thrill likes vomiting.

4. Feeling lazy and sleepy, immediately after a meal. In fact, sometimes you feel like lying in bed soon.

5. Feeling thirsty, but cannot drink because stomach feels bloated or full.

Some of the conditions that are known to cause a person to overeat often, such as:


Due to certain foods, especially carbohydrates have a calming effect that can reduce stress hormones and makes the person brain feel better.


Some people do have a habit of eating too much and this is very difficult to change.

Brain Dysfunction

A condition in which brain receptors fail to receive the full signal sent by the stomach or abdomen cannot even send a signal at all.

Overeating is not good for health. In addition to triggering the onset of various diseases, overeating can damage the digestive system including the stomach.

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