Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Gaga dons another controversial outfit

Lady Gaga’s Controversial Assault Rifle Bra

Step aside 2010 meat dress, Lady Gaga’s latest controversial outfit has taken center stage … literally. The “Poker Face” singer is no stranger to controversy, but this time her desire to push the envelope has perhaps gone too far.

Gaga performed on the latest stop of her Born This Way tour over the weekend in Vancouver, Canada, while wearing a bra with two plastic assault rifles attached to it. She donned a similar getup in the video for her song “Alejandro’, but with the recent elementary school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, it feels like the “Born This Way” singer has taken her wild wardrobe a step too far this time. Gaga wore the gun bra Friday — just a day after Vice President Joe Biden met with Congress and the NRA about curbing gun violence after the Newtown massacre.
The Mother Monster has been in the news lately for her Twitter feud with Kelly Osbourne, accusing her of being a “bully,” while Gaga called herself an “advocate for youth.” Lady G has millions of young fans who look up to her, but is she sending mixed messages if she’s saying no to bullies, but yes to violent weapons? Check out the video to get all the deets on Gaga’s questionable outfit.

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