Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to Show you are interested

The mystery of the one and only way to show this special someone that you are interested that is destined to work will stay a mystery forever.
If you think you have this perfect line that can melt this woman's heart, I am so sorry to tell you that there is no guarantee that what worked with your ex would work with every other woman; we have to maintain our mysteriousness.
However, when you think that you are interested in this special woman, its nice to know how to show it, when to do that and how to TRY to make her like you more but remember we are not guaranteeing anything here; we are just trying our best.

Many men wonder when they should start to show how they feel, are you wondering about that now? I believe that even though you can't easily turn a relationship to friendship, it's very easy to turn a friendship to something more serious, so start there.
Even when you think that you might not have a chance with this stunning woman at work, trying to be friends will show your qualities without looking like you are trying too hard for attention.
It's sad that women and men are attracted to what is out of reach. Cool down women, I am not encouraging men to start playing more games but lets be frank, sounding clingy and super interested from the first day is a major turnoff. However, make sure that you don't tune it too down.
Okay so you got her interested and think its time to impress, what to do?? Men's most familiar pattern is taking this girl they like out on this fancy first date trying their best to impress.
There is nothing wrong in trying to spoil this woman but believe me you need to take it a little slower because women are usually tempted toread between the lines even if you are a blank page.
So going for a too-expensive outing might mean that you are a little clingy, have no self confidence and tend to turn to money to compensate that or the worst; think she is too good for you. Just keep it a little impressive yet moderate.
Are you looking for things to impress the woman you like more? Aren’t we all for impressing our loved ones! Anyway, the one way to make women like you is by trying less to make them like you.
I am not saying that you should stop buying them flowers and chocolates, just don't do these things to make them like you more. Women want you to talk to them, not talk them into the relationship by buying their interest.
The last question you might be asking yourself, can you ever be straight forward with this special someone? Yes and its never going to be hard for you because men find it much easier to tell the truth opposing to women.
And even though, some women are cunny while others just think they are, they want to hear the truth in certain matters. When I say certain I am not talking about whether she has gained weight or not.

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