Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Want Flexible Job ?

5 Flexible Career Choices

Want some flexibility with your work schedule? See careers with telecommuting options.
By Chris Kyle   Want some flexibility with your work schedule? To the cloud!Cloud-computing refers to the ability to share files and applications via the internet.Cloud-working, meanwhile, is a new way to describe an old career trend that is surging in popularity: telecommuting.

"We've seen a 400 percent increase in telecommuting job openings over the last three years," says Sara Sutton-Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, a subscription job search site

Would you like a career with a more flexible work schedule? Keep reading to see which careers often offer convenient telecommuting options.

Flexible Career #1 - Medical and Health

Flexible Career #2 - Sales

Flexible Career #3 - Online Teaching and Tutoring

Flexible Career #4 - Customer Service and Support

Flexible Career #5 - Web & Software Development

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