Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What to avoid when you are in a relation

Dr. John Gray hit the jackpot when he wrote 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus'; it was almost magical how he was able to show us why and howmen and women are different. Many books followed his
footsteps trying to make it easier when it comes to relationships; we are here today trying to do the same to men showing them what to avoid when getting into a relationship with a woman.
We all know that there is more to a person than what will everunderstand but we are going to try to give you the for-sure turn offs for women:
As a couple gets closer, they are more bound to act more like themselves, away from all the charms they were trying to pull before. So your partner started acting in a more irritating way?? That’s not it, she is just a little bit more comfortable and you snapping at every thing she does is not going to help yourrelationship.
You feeling comfortable as well will make you act straighter forward and to the point so take care. Before you react to whatever she did, think for a moment, is what she did worth pulling a fight? If not then you’d better calm yourself down.
If you think its worth it then may be its time to let her know calmly what bothers you, she most likely would appreciate you telling her.

For ages women and men thought that acting hard to get is the best way to get someone interested, this is not true. Okay! I will try being more honest, it sometimes works but that happens in the beginning of a relationship only. After you have stayed together for a while, there is no point in playing hard to get now, actually it’s a backfire.
Your woman wants to feel special and appreciated; we are not asking you to shower her with compliments all the time but a phone call in themiddle of the day to tell her that you were thinking of her can do miracles to your relationship.
Jealousy can be flattering sometimes, but too much of anything can suffocate your partner. Believe me! Even though we women are known to be attached to our partners, we still appreciate our independence.
We would love taking your advice when it comes to certain issues but don’t consider pushing your opinion or advice obviously on us because that would lead to a runaway from your current or future bride.

Is your career very important to you?? That is totally fine if it doesn’t interfere with your gal. When you meet your perfect match, fall in love, she is most likely to love your success and becomes proud of it. However, when you start working late, she starts thinking that you have no time for her on your priority list; this can’t be good.
Does the previous sound any familiar? We have more to come next week, so stay tuned for how to turn off your partner if that’s what you want!!

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