Monday, 4 February 2013

2 February Special For Muslims

February 2 is probably not the Muslims we know today as the date for the evening was blood blood. Bashar Assad that 1982 is the father Hafez al-Assad declared open war on the Sunnis of Syria and writing hand was kanpty that in just 26 days 26 days 70 thousand Muslims were slaughtered, young girls and their limbs cut open, aztyn gyyn gyyy returned. mosques mlbun been piled up,

  the worst violence in almawn anhy was killed. was it wrong Nasser Shia Syrian government to the people. was not the media, the internet was not facility., and Subhan Allah but today it is the same date and same oppression and 2-year oppression, and his son Bashar Assad killed 60 thousand Muslims and Iran is on the djalun!
Or God or Allah have mercy on them, O Muslims!
They do not help no one except you, Lord, entrusted to fitnah and Shia Raafidis

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