Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nicholas Sparks or Not? Can You Tell These Romantic Movies Apart? - QUIZ

So, you're watching a romantic movie. Does this movie have a boat? Is one of the characters terminally ill? Do you know from Scene 1 that you'll be crying by the end of the movie? Does everything work out in favor of romance in a fashion so unrealistic, you wonder if there's something you missed? Do you feel emotionally manipulated at the end?

Then you might be watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.
Do You Have What It Takes to Star in a Nicholas Sparks Movie?

Now, it's a guilty pleasure we're all guilty of, but it's not hard to see the signs. When you sit down for a Nicholas Sparks movie, you know what's coming. But how well do you know? We've laid out a few movie details for you to test your Sparksian knowledge. So without further ado:

Is this a Nicholas Sparks movie?

1.The Runaway and the Widower?

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Stars: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel

Filming Locations: North Carolina

Couple Stats: Katie is a "mysterious stranger" living a transient life, Alex is a widower and he's super great.

Over-involved parents: Not so much, but the guy's got kids.

The Story: She's anti-attachment or staying in one place because she's running from a man in her past, Alex tries to be her shelter.

Potential for tear-jerking: It comes out Friday, but in the meantime just know it involves deceased wives, letters, and potentially fire.

Is this a Nicholas Sparks movie?

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