Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Now Salman Khan defend Shah Rukh Khan again

New Delhi: ‘Bigg Boss 6’ contestant and one of the most controversial figures inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Imam Siddique, clearly hasn’t learnt any lesson. During his days at the house, Siddique was once heard speaking about
Shah Rukh Khan and how it was because of the former that SRK shot to fame.
Host Salman Khan had reprimanded Imam back then, saying that Khan was what he was due to his own hard work and diligence.

However, now that the TV show has come to an end, Imam Siddique seems to have benefited from it – and hugely at that! For the controversy king has been heard saying in an interview, “I have been getting so many offers that I can’t tell you. People are paying me `5 lakh just to make an appearance in weddings. The royal family of Saudi Arabia has called me and my family for Haj and Umrah. I believe in the saying paisa phenk tamasha dekh. I am a kiraye ka tatttoo.”

“I will come for a wedding, charge lesser than Shah Rukh Khan for a dance and do a better job than him. He is a non-dancer while I am a dancer. In the next two years, I promise to make more money than any Indian celebrity did in the five years,” added Imam.

Wonder what both Salman and Shah Rukh have got to say about that!

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