Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pakistan Election 2013


2013 is very important for the politics of Pakistan .Here is some powers who does not want that election will  be held on the time . At the end of 2012 a  leader of a Islamic religious party Tehrek Menhajul Quran land in Pakistan and want a new system of election .He is not satisfied with the system of election which is all ready in Pakistan.According to him Pakistan Government is a carpet government .He did not like this . 

when he land in Pakistan , a political Karachi base party MQM welcome him  and become the part of her protest and    
game .after that , MQM  fully supported the Tehrek Menhajul Quran and also want a new type of election system .The leader of these party thereat the government that he will lead a long March who's target is Islamabad which is the Capital of Pakistan .In this Long March according to him above then 40 million people come and protest again the Pakistan government . In this situation Pakistan Government and people of Pakistan in a great depression ,if the Long March is happen on time and above then 40 million people stand for against the Government and  against the election system of Pakistan

.What can happened after this ? it is a question in the mind of all Pakistani and Pakistan Government . How can held the election of Pakistan government which is held in the starting month  of 2013 .
Two big parties of Pakistan PPP and PMN  is very frustrated about all the situation . 2013  is  very imported for the people of Pakistan .May God bless him .  

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