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Pokemon X and Y Details Examined

We've all already seen the trailer of course, but now I'm going to break down and examine the details:

At the beginning of the trailer, Pikachu is standing on top of the Eifel Tower, and releasing a thunderbolt
across the entire globe. This is significant because the game is taking place in a setting inspired by Europe,
particularly France, and will experience a world wide release from this announcement at 11 am London time. Perhaps in game cutscenes could like like the one depicted here, but by no means would gameplay be so - needless to say.

So it begins, a new journey.
The trailer opens up with the male character looking at themselves in the mirror. I expect this to be literally the opening sequence to the game. Immediately afterwards, the player is racing down Route 3 (As we can see from the actual pop up sign indicating a 3) with a new
Hey, at least the route number won't need to pop up any more...
There appear to be a few action elements in the over world, such as swinging on a rope or bouncing on a web (Speaking of which, that's probably the bug type gym, and there will probably be another spider pokemon on its way).

It also appears that the player gets some kind of skates accessory (Maybe replacing the bike???) at some point in the game.
Hey, beats biking!
A statue that can be seen at the bridge segment at around half a minute into the trailer, depicts a statue with a knight like character, and a golurk, palpitoad, and eevee. This character will probably play some significant role in the story or its underlying folklore.
So who is this figure in the statue? We'll find out at some point.
A desert segment depicts high rise, almost oil rig like structures. It appears that vertical structures will be segments of the overworld now, literally bringing the franchise into a mostly new dimension.
Up, up and away.
A lot of previous generation Pokemon are depicted in battles. This leads me to believe that like Black/White 2 or Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, a fair portion of the past will also be present along with the new Pokemon. We won't be seeing a repeat of Black/White 1 here, and that's perfectly understandable with GameFreak's busy schedule here.

The art style in the battles appears to completely remove the series' trademark pixel art, and move on to a Wind Waker cell shaded polygon style, with static backgrounds and dedicated animations for each attack. This is quite a leap for the franchise in of itself. The character models are animated, but subtly so. Like Pokemon Stadium, not even Colosseum or XD.
The new battle scene!
Pretty much everything about the starters that could be speculated on has been speculated on. I expect Froakie to become Water/Ice in its final form, Fennekin to become maybe Fire/Dark and Chespin to become Grass/Ground. If Fennekin becomes another Fire/Fighting type, I'll throw my 3DS out the window.
An... interesting... selection of starters.
Wild Pokemon seem to trigger an actual appearance animation when found. This could get annoying after a while, actually.

The bird legendary has a bold "Y" painted under its wings, which spread out into a Y. It is also red, so this is definitely the legendary of the Y version. The deer legendary has noticeable "X"s in its eyes, and would likely form an X when it spreads out its legs during a battle, I'd presume. I expect the bird to be another Fire/Flying type (When will they ever get tired of those? - Moltres, Charizard, Ho-oh, etc...) and the deer to be Steel and maybe Water.
Did ya catch the detail?
We know nothing about what the enemy team will be at this point, but I expect whatever it is to really mess with the legendaries at this point.

There will likely be a Z version at some point, which leads me to believe that the learder legendary here (ie, like Rayquaza, Giratina or Kyurem) will form a Z in its figure. If I had to guess, I'd say that it would be a green eel that coils into a Z like pattern. Then we have a variety of animals for the trio, and air, land and water would be represented, like in R/S/E. I have a hunch that each legendary will have its particular letter in its name.
So what are your thoughts? Which version will you get, and what do you expect from these games?

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